Nobody Songs

Songs for Nobodies
Court Theatre

By Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed by Ross Gumbley
Musical Direction by Richard Marrett
Featuring Ali Harper

Share in five life-changing encounters between legendary divas and the everyday women whose lives they touched, interspersed with the songs that made Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holliday and Maria Callas icons of our age.

Structurally, this “play’ has problems. It’s just five disconnected episodes of encounters with great singers. The characters being portrayed are not the singers, but associates, acquaintances and passers-by. Then the actress breaks into song of the singer, not being played but encountered. When you break it down, this doesn’t make any sense.

What does make sense is a vehicle for a very talented actresses and singer. And Ali Harper certainly fills the role. She has been performing in Christchurch for decades and can handle the wide range of accents and styles. From Country and Jazz to Opera.

It’s an outstanding performance, but a play certainly NOT.