Dr Who 10.09 Mars

Empress of Mars

After seeing the words “God save the Queen” written on the Martian surface, the Doctor and Bill find several Victorian soldiers on Mars, who are working with an Ice Warrior, who’s intent on awakening his race from their 5000 year long sleep. After the Queen Empress of Mars awakens, and is attacked by a soldier, she awakens the other Ice Warriors, who attack the soldiers. The attack ends when the Doctor sends a message, that is picked up by Alpha Centauri, who helps the Ice Warriors, as Mars is now uninhabitable.

This is a better story, as it’s straight forward and a bit unpredictable, mainly due to a massive deus ex machina at the end when the Alpha Centauri enter the story.

I just can’t help but think this inspired a lot by the computer game Space 1889.

The game’s scenario finds the lead character having been invited to a museum opening in London, to unveil several new Egyptian artifacts. During the evening, the player characters discover their first quest: to discover King Tut’s tomb. There are several other quests involved, taking the character from London to San Francisco to the Far East, but also to Mars, Mercury, and beyond