The Last Hunter: Ascent
(Antarktos Saga, #3)

by Jeremy Robinson (2013)

I no longer exist. My kidnapping, breaking and corruption at the hands of the half-human, half-demon Nephilim began the journey to nothingness. I had hoped to one day rejoin my loved ones in the outside world, but before I realized it, twenty years had passed. Time is a distance I cannot traverse. If there is any memory of me, it is distant. Worse, the spirit of Nephil, Lord of the Nephilim, used my connection with the continent to decimate the surface world. I’ve done horrible things in the past, but I’m now responsible for the deaths of billions. Billions. God…

Not quite as good as the previous story, mainly due to the simpler story. Still a good read and further plot development as the world undergoes a tectonic shift.