Spotify #2

After three months of spotify use, here are some observations.

  1. The selection is vast. Even relatively obscure NZ bands are on the site.
  2. Some internationally known bands are not. Notably King Crimson. While they are mentioned there is only one song.
  3. It runs better from the web than the app. The app has an annoying feature of not clearing the screen when closed.
  4. The Spotify works well with JRiver Media Centre. I can switch Android apps and get music playing from the hard drive collection via JRiver, or streaming from Spotify.
  5. The term ‘Your Music” I find annoying. 7Digital does the same. Goodreads uses ‘My Books’, both don’t get the point of view right. Bandcamp is better, with the neutral ‘Collection’. Even Amazon is ‘Your List’ and ‘Your Account’.
  6. I find the Band/Album art to be too large. On a monitor it restricts how much information can be displayed on each screen. A plain text listing would be better.
  7. The circular artist images are just weird. Who made that decision.
  8. You can ‘save’ albums to a list, and they sort by artist. But by the first name. So Tori Amos comes under ‘T’, not ‘A’. There appears to be no way of changing this. The book collection app Calibre is very good at this by saving an Author_Sorted field for each book.
  9. You can follow Artists. This puts them in a list, but in no particular order. This means that if you want to quickly find an artist, the easiest way is to use the search. OK on a PC, but annoying on a Smartphone.
  10. Fortunately the Artist URL is fixed and it can be copied. I took these links into a spreadsheet and added html code. By copying to plain text then a WordPress page I can generate a sorted artist list. This includes Bandcamp links, so I can have an artist list with links to streaming songs.