Honey Hell

Honeymoon In Hell
by Fredric Brown (1950)

No more male children are born in Earth. The officials suspect an alien plot, and they draft two spacepilots, one male from US, and another a female from USSR to fly to the moon and test if it would be possible to conceive a male child there. And the most important part of that plan is that they should get married as soon as possible. They get a case whiskey to make things smoother…

This novelette, written in 1950 predicts moon landings in the early 1960s. It also predicts a slowdown of fertility in 1961. Which is ironic as in this year New Zealand had the highest number of births.

The story is rather contrived, setting up the situation where an American man and Russian woman travel to the moon to get pregnant. Just when you think things are getting rather racy for a 1950’s story, there it a twist and strange revelation. The ending redeems the story giving it a humorous tone.