Dr Who 10.02 Smile

The Doctor and Bill arrive on one of Earth’s first colonised planets, Gliese 581d. They are greeted only by two different types of robots: swarm robots (Vardies) and slow but sentient emojibots. An emojibot give the Doctor and Bill discs that communicate their true emotions. The Doctor theorizes that the planet is awaiting the colonists but soon realizes that the skeletons of a set-up crew have been crushed to feed the plants. Determined to blow up the city, he finds the main ship within it and its engine room, but Bill runs into a child who has awoken from a pod. The colonists were cryogenically frozen, with a few “shepherds” woken early to work.

An actual science fiction story about colonisation and the problem with autonomous robotics. It features a fantastic white set depicting a future cityscape. This is actually the City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain.







BSG 3.02 Precipice

Battlestar Galactica 3.02 Precipice (2006-10-06)


This episode focuses on the New Caprica Police and Jammer’s role in it. The Sharon model imprisoned on Galactica is released.

Ron Moore’s writing of the episode was nominated for an Emmy and Writers Guild of America awards.

This continues the tensions built in the previous episode. The Galactica establish communication with the settlers and it looks like a rescue is on it’s way.


BSG 3.01 Occupied

Battlestar Galactica 3.01 Occupation (2006-10-06)

The third season premiere and 34th episode of the re-imagined American science fiction drama television series Battlestar Galactica. The episode was written by re-imagined creator Ronald D. Moore, and directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.

The Cylons are in their fourth month of a military occupation on New Caprica, where the majority of the human population are residing. A resistance movement is trying to drive the Cylons away. Meanwhile, Admiral William Adama continues his plan to rescue everybody there.

It seems that the producers of BSG just want to repeat American wars. First it was all the Vietnam war movies, now it’s the Iraq war.

It’s been four months on the planet. So why are people living in tents not buildings. Was there a settlement plan. Did everyone go down to the planet ? And where did they get all the resources to build. A lot an unanswered questions. So it’s more intrigue than action  that moves this along.


BSG 2.19/20 Burdened

Battlestar Galactica 2.19 & 2.20 Lay Down Your Burdens

Part 1
With the presidential elections weeks away, a new discovery could turn the entire election around. Meanwhile, Starbuck leads a team back to Caprica to rescue the resistance fighters.

Part 2
With the elections underway, Starbuck returns from her mission along with a Cylon who delivers an unexpected message to Adama and Roslin.