BSG 2.17 Cap Hand

Battlestar Galactica 2.18 – The Captain’s Hand

Apollo, freshly promoted to Major, is assigned to the Battlestar Pegasus to assist her new captain, Commander Barry Garner, the ship’s former senior engineer. When two Pegasus Raptors sent out on a routine training mission by Captain Starbuck disappear from DRADIS, Commander Garner places all blame on Starbuck, implying that she is negligent.

A bit of action, a bit of morality (re abortion) and the removal of another major character (the Captain of the Pegasus). It feels too little of each plot. This would have been better is one of the plots was expanded to the full episode.


BSG 2.16 Sacrifice

Battlestar Galactica 2.16 Sacrifice (2006-02-10)

In the episode, Dee spurns Billy Keikeya and goes on a date with Lee “Apollo” Adama at a bar. An armed group takes control of the bar, demanding the captive Cylon Sharon in return for the lives of their hostages. Lee is badly wounded when Starbuck attempts a rescue. Billy is shot and killed saving Dee just before a team of Marines raids the bar and rescues the remaining hostages.

Good to see the Dana Delany get a role. She does well, but the episode is very formulaic. They do get to kill off a major character, but apart from that it doesn’t move the plot forward.

Critical reaction to “Sacrifice” was lukewarm. Moore discussed his own disappointment with several aspects of the episode in his podcast commentary on the episode.