Dr Who 10.01

Dr Who 10.01 “The Pilot”

The Doctor and Nardole have occupied themselves under the guise of a university professor and assistant. Bill Potts is called to the Doctor’s office, where Bill becomes the Doctor’s student. Bill becomes intrigued by a student named Heather. Heather asks her to inspect a puddle, asking her if she can see what’s wrong with her reflection. The Doctor investigates the puddle, and notes that it is not a reflection, but something mimicking them. Bill returns to her flat, and is chased by a moving body of water, appearing as Heather. She runs to the Doctor’s office, forcing him and Bill into the TARDIS. The Doctor moves the TARDIS, where he and Nardole check on a guarded vault. The TARDIS lands again in Australia, where the Doctor admits who he is. The Doctor takes them to another planet and into the future, then decides to have it chase them through a Dalek battle. Heather assumes a Dalek’s likeness. Bill convinces Heather to let her go, and it melts away. The Doctor and Bill return to his office, where he attempts to wipe Bill’s mind but she stops him. As Bill leaves, she finds the Doctor waiting with the TARDIS.

I kept thinking I misheard the woman’s name, but it is ‘Bill’ (?). Are we going to Black Adder territory here (a woman hamed Bob ?)

What I liked was the slow building story and the unknown quantity that was the ‘puddle’. Once the ‘monster of the week’ has been established, it’s up to the Dr to save the day. But the jeopardy is simply fixed by Bill. A bit of a let-down really. Still, it’s nice to see that the Daleks are still around. If they could just EXTERMINATE and replace the last few pages of the script.

I did like the score and sound design. Even recognized a bit of Joy Division’s ‘Love will tear us apart’.

According to reviews, Bill is lesbian. Something I didn’t get from the story. Just because she looks for a female friend, doesn’t imply a sexual motive.  Or maybe I don’t understand women.



Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle
by Barry J. Hutchison (2016)

After saving an alien race and its god from a sentient zombie virus, Cal Carver and the crew of the Dread Ship Shatner are feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

Unfortunately, the creator of the zombie virus is out for revenge, and has recruited the galaxy’s deadliest – and oldest – assassin, Lady Vajazzle, to hunt Space Team down. But when Vajazzle discovers the crew is under the protection of a species known as the Greyx, she is forced to implement a Plan B so diabolical it threatens to plunge the entire star system into chaos.

With time running out, Cal must find a way to outmaneuver and outgun the galaxy’s greatest killer before she murders his friends, butchers the Greyx, and buys the whole galaxy a one-way ticket to total annihilation.

This is much better than the first in the series. Firstly, there is more plot. The humour is better balanced between the narration and the character interactions. And it’s a fun read. Recommended.