I am Cowboy

I Am Cowboy (SecondWorld #1.5)
alt.title = Nazi Hunter Atlantis
by Jeremy Robinson (2013)

Milos Vesely, aka Cowboy, kills Nazis. After the events of SecondWorld-a failed attempt by modern Nazi forces to carry out a worldwide genocide and claim the planet for the Aryan nation-he now hunts down the enemy, most of whom are running for cover. But others, as Cowboy discovers beneath the sands of Tanis, Egypt, are searching for a way to strike again.

Hidden beneath the “lost city” is a network of tunnels and traps protecting an ancient power that predates Egypt’s mighty empires. Vesely, along with archeologist, Dr. Sarah Pasha, traverses the underground realm, heading deep into dangerous territory.

Yet another fast paced fun action story with lots of Nazi deaths. And it brings together (in a rather contrived way) most of  Robinson’s other stories. Recommended.