BSG 2.09 Phoenix

Battlestar Galactica 2.09 Flight of the Phoenix (2005-09-16)

In the episode, the Number Eight copy being held on Galactica (Sharon) helps delete a computer virus created by the Cylons, and Chief Galen Tyrol builds a stealth fighter from spare parts.

Better than the previous episode, this one has a few special effects and a new fighter. Unfortunately, centuries in the future spacecraft are still made of steel and the only way to show one under construction is to have someone use an angle grinder. It is strange that the existing craft don’t use carbon composites like the new one.

The scene where Sharon inserts a fibre optic cable in her arm suggests that Cylons are not entirely made of flesh and blood. Maybe someone should tell Balter to use a metal detector to find Cylons.


BSG 2.08 Cut

Batthestar Galactica 2.08 – Final Cut (2005-09-09)

In the episode, journalist D’Anna Biers tapes a report on life aboard Galactica and uncovers a plot against Colonel Saul Tigh. She discovers the pregnant Number Eight copy (Sharon) being held secretly aboard the ship, but Commander William Adama forbids her to include it in her final report. However, Biers is a Cylon, and she shares the footage of Sharon with her Cylon brethren.

This was a filler episode, brief character studies fill the episode to no end. However it was good to see Lucy Lawless in the episode.