BSG 3.05 Farm

Battlestar Galactica 3.05 The Farm (2005-08-12)

In the episode, Cylons capture Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and hold her in an abandoned hospital, where they are performing experiments with human reproduction. Starbuck escapes and leaves Caprica to return to the human fleet. Commander William Adama returns to command of the fleet, but President Laura Roslin persuades almost a third of the fleet to follow her back to Kobol.

According to executive producer Ronald D. Moore, the production process for “The Farm” was one of the most contentious of the second season.

Starbuck’s portrayal in “The Farm” has attracted academic study. Critical reaction was mixed.

This episode manages to actually present a Science Fiction theme – the role of women in a post-apocalyptic society. Then it just throws it away as we know Starbuck (a main character) will ultimately return to the fleet. It would have been interesting if it has involved a female that really had an option.