Who’s Afraid of Beowulf
by Tom Holt (1988)

Who’s Afraid of Beowulf? Well, not Hrolf Earthstar, for a start. The last Norse king of Caithness, Hrolf and his twelwe champions are woken from a centuries-long sleep when Hildy Fredriksenn, archaeologist of the fairer sex, finds their grave. Not only that, Hrolf decides to carry on his ancient war against the Sorcerer-King.

Now I’m finished with Tom Holt. Thought I remembered enjoying ‘Falling Sideways” in 2000 and “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages” in 2011. But after two books of very mild humour and this one just getting boring, it just isn’t worth it.

I did enjoy his short stories and he is a good prose writer, so there is his fantasy work as K.J. Parker I might like.

But as for the ‘humour’, there are better funny authors out there.

BSG 1.08 Flesh

Battlestar Galactica
Flesh and Blood (2004-12-06)

Starbuck interrogates a captured human Cylon as Roslin begins to have strange visions of the same Cylon.

Starbuck tries to be bad-ass by beating and drowning a prisoner. We know now (thanks to the CIA) that these methods just don’t work. The problem is that what will work just isn’t good TV. Still, a nice  scene as he is blown out into space.


BSG 1.07 6 Deg Sep

Battlestar Galactica
Six Degrees of Seperation (2004-11-29)

Baltar comes under investigation when Number Six appears in real life, accusing Baltar of helping the Cylons achieve the genocide of humanity and destruction of the Colonies.

Baltar is another character that is getting really annoying. The actor just overplays everything and loses touch with reality. Is he supposed to be this neurotic,  or some silly stereotype of a brilliant mind. Either way, I’m not buying it. The sooner he finishes his damn cylon detector and we can get on with the plot, the better.