BSG 1.04 & 1.05

Battlestar Galactica
Act of Contrition/You can’t go home again

An accident on the hangar deck forces Starbuck to begin training new pilots, bringing back old memories of her training of Zak Adama.

As Starbuck attempts to escape the barren moon she has been stranded on, Adama and Apollo risk everything to find her, putting them at odds with Tigh and Roslin.

So a flight trainer decided to put untested rookie pilots into real fighters. How unbelievably stupid. (obviously something will go wrong). Starbuck just doesn’t have the attitude or skill to be a trainer. Apollo would be the obvious choice, but we need a hero for the episode

Regarding the search for Starbuck. Where are the drones, just put a few in orbit around the moon and have them search for a human heat signature.

As for the cyclon craft, why is it bio-tech ?
The information so far indicates that they are mainly machines (with a few human clones). It can only be plot-onium that powers these craft. And finally, where did Starbuck get the paint to put her name on the wings of the cyclon ship ?





BSG 1.03 Bastille Day

Battlestar Galactica
Bastille Day (2004-11-01)

As water riots break out in the fleet, Apollo tries to convince prisoners aboard the Astral Queen to help with collecting the water; however, the appearance of a famous terrorist complicates his plans.

An interesting premise, however all the criminals are depicted as violent mass-murderer types. Given the population of over 1,500 I would expect that the crew could pick and choose some of the less violent men to help with the water recovery. A better strategy would be to NOT announce the intentions to everyone and avoid the A-type personalities to take over.

Also, the trouble here is that Apollo is starting to look like a ‘Mary Sue”┬ácharacter and is starting to get really annoying.

Regarding the water recovery. Most of the water in the galaxy is probably in the form of ice. Asteroids have been found to contain ice and without an environment to keep temperatures above zero, it’s going to stay that way. I would have thought that this problem would have been solved long ago.

Their solution appears to be labour intensive and unnecessary. The easiest way would be to break off ice blocks and launch them into space using unmanned tugs.

BSG 1.02 Water

Battlestar Galactica 1.02 Water (2004-10-25)


An explosion onboard Galactica forces an emergency search for water.

From what we have seen in videos aboard the space-station Mir, water in zero g forms globules.

So after a while, you would expect the water to come together under the force of gravity into a big mass. Then, all that’s needed is a big tank and vacuum pump to go out and retrieve the water.