Callsign: Blackout

Callsign: King 3 – Blackout
(Chesspocalypse #8)
by Jeremy Robinson (2012)

Twice before, Jack Sigler has stopped the mysterious ‘Brainstorm’ from destroying all life on earth. Twice before, he’s survived Brainstorm’s assassins. So when the mastermind behind Brainstorm surfaces in Paris, King goes on the offensive.

As the final showdown unfolds in the legendary City of Lights, the villain’s scheme to plunge the world into literal darkness is revealed. But even Brainstorm isn’t ready for the destructive force that has been unleashed…an entity of darkness imprisoned for more than a thousand years, set free now to devour…everything.

Even more intense and thrilling than the last King story. This mashes together everything from crazy megalomaniacs to black holes (not that different ?). Forget every thing you already knew about physics !.