Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a 2007 British action comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. The three and the film’s producer Nira Park had previously worked together on the television series Spaced and the 2004 film Shaun of the Dead. The film follows two police officers attempting to solve a series of mysterious deaths in Sandford, a fictional small English town.

Over a hundred action films were used as inspiration for developing the script. Filming took place over eleven weeks in early 2006, and featured an extensive cast along with various uncredited cameos. Visual effects were developed by ten artists to expand on or add explosions, gore, and gunfire scenes.

Debuting on 14 February 2007 in the United Kingdom and 20 April in the United States, Hot Fuzz received critical and commercial success. Shortly after the film’s release, two different soundtracks were released in the UK and US.

The film is the second in Wright and Pegg’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy and was preceded by 2004’s Shaun of the Dead and followed by 2013’s The World’s End, each of them featuring a different flavour of Cornetto ice cream. It is also the most financially successful film in the trilogy.


Sandford Police Service

Simon Pegg as Sergeant (Sgt) Nicholas “Nick” Angel
Nick Frost as Police Constable (PC) Danny Butterman
Jim Broadbent as Inspector Frank Butterman
Paddy Considine as Detective Sergeant (DS) Andy Wainwright
Rafe Spall as Detective Constable (DC) Andy Cartwright
Kevin Eldon as Sergeant (Sgt) Tony Fisher
Olivia Colman as Police Constable (PC) Doris Thatcher
Karl Johnson as Police Constable (PC) Bob Walker
Bill Bailey as twin-brother Desk Sergeants (Sgt) Turner (both)
Neighbourhood Watch Alliance and Associates
Timothy Dalton as Simon Skinner
Edward Woodward as Prof. Tom Weaver
Billie Whitelaw as Joyce Cooper
Eric Mason as Maj. Bernard Cooper
Stuart Wilson as Dr. Robin Hatcher
Paul Freeman as Rev. Philip Shooter
Rory McCann as Michael “Lurch” Armstrong
Kenneth Cranham as James Reaper
Maria Charles as Mrs. Reaper
Peter Wight as Roy Porter
Julia Deakin as Mary Porter
Trevor Nichols as Greg Prosser
Elizabeth Elvin as Sheree Prosser
Patricia Franklin as Annette Roper
Lorraine Hilton as Amanda Paver
Tim Barlow as Mr. Treacher
Anne Reid as Leslie Tiller

Sandford residents

Ben McKay as Peter Cocker
Adam Buxton as Tim Messenger
David Threlfall as Martin Blower
Lucy Punch as Eve Draper
David Bradley as Arthur Webley, the farmer
Ron Cook as George Merchant
Stephen Merchant as Peter Ian Staker
Alice Lowe as Tina


Martin Freeman as Met Sgt.
Steve Coogan (uncredited) as Met Insp.
Bill Nighy as Met Ch. Insp.
Peter Jackson (uncredited) as a man dressed as Father Christmas
Cate Blanchett (uncredited) as Janine
Critical reception

From Rotten Tomatoes (91% approval)

The brilliant minds behind Shaun of the Dead successfully take a shot at the buddy cop genre with Hot Fuzz. The result is a bitingly satiric and hugely entertaining parody.

My review (and a quote from the film)
‘Wot He Said”

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Otehi is a strange mix of stoner/space rock from Rome, Italy.

The band is
Domenico Canino – Guitar,Vocals & Effects
Maciej Wild Mikolajczyk – Bass & Vocals
Corrado Battistoni – Drums

and have released four albums. The live ‘Unplugged’ is less successful. But the three studio albums have a nice laid-back groove style. The vocals are not english, but don’t get in the way. It has a 1970’s feel, almost like Canterbury Progressive Rock.

Off Land


Off Land is Tim Dwyer. It’s not clear where he is from, his “Slow Waves” album was released on Chilean imprint ‘No Problema Tapes’ but this is from a Romanian publisher. This appears to be his only album on bandcamp and it nicely fits into the ambient/chillout zone.





FLT is some french guy (?), mainly interested in ‘electro ambient music’ with touches of world music… or even songs…

I would call it a kind of chill-out space music.  All 20 albums are released free on bandcamp.


A Model Kit

A Model Kit are from Москва, Russian Federation. The music is tagged with everything from ambient to neo-classical and indie. This is because it doesn’t fit any predetermined genre. The notable thing is the use of the violin in the mix, it’s tuned differently and not far from Laurie Anderson’s work. The best description would be ‘an updated version of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra’



Templo is a producer based out of Denver Colorado, he has played alongside artists such as Shpongle, Ott, Kalya Scintilla, Random Rab and Bluetech. Appearing at festivals such as Envision, Gem & Jam and Sonic Bloom. The music sits somewhere between chill-out, downtempo, psybient and ambient. Definitely unique and rather trippy.


Albums on Bandcamp

Pogo is from Pert, Australia. The music is hip-hop groove with bits of jazz, downtempo and voice samples thrown in. The three albums are available for free and have lots of downloads. Ten years ago this could have been charting material, but in today’s diverse media landscape, it’s a rare treat.

Nik Mar

Digital World

Nik Mar is a pseudonym of Niko Marantidis.
This music is upbeat, electronic heavy space rock. With drum and bass emphasis and very groove orientated.


The related Pupsidelic is similar, but more straight ahead drum & bass, without the textures and variety of ‘Nik Mar’.


Milky Way


Everything Theory

The Theory of Everything is a 2014 British biographical romantic drama film directed by James Marsh and adapted by Anthony McCarten from the memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking, which deals with her relationship with her ex-husband, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, his diagnosis of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or Motor neurone disease), and his success in physics.

Strange & Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Book by Susanna Clarke (2004)
TV Series Written by Peter Harness & directed by Toby Haynes

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a seven-part British historical fantasy TV miniseries adapted by Peter Harness from Susanna Clarke’s best-selling novel of the same name. It premiered on BBC One on 17 May 2015 and ended on 28 June 2015. It was nominated for four BAFTA awards and recognised by the British Film Institute as one of the top ten most important television programmes of 2015.



Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is the 2004 debut novel of British writer Susanna Clarke. An alternative history set in 19th-century England around the time of the Napoleonic Wars, it is based on the premise that magic once existed in England and has returned with two men: Gilbert Norrell and Jonathan Strange. Centred on the relationship between these two men, the novel investigates the nature of “Englishness” and the boundaries between reason and unreason, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Dane, and Northern and Southern English cultural tropes/stereotypes. It has been described as a fantasy novel, an alternative history, and a historical novel. It inverts the Industrial Revolution conception of the North-South divide in England: in this book the North is romantic and magical, rather than rational and concrete.