Callsign Queen

Callsign: Queen (Zelda Baker)
(Chesspocalypse #2)
by Jeremy Robinson and David Wood (2011)

At the beginning of her search for Rook, a missing Chess Team member, Zelda Baker, Callsign: Queen, is redirected to Pripyat, Ukraine, a ghost town on the radioactive outskirts of Chernobyl. Intel indicates that splinter cell of Manifold Genetics—a ruthless corporation dismantled by Chess Team—may be operating in the area. Tasked with confirming the existence of a Manifold facility, Queen begins a recon sweep of the abandoned town in search of clues, but soon finds herself fighting for her life. Something sinister lurks beneath the decaying, surreal remnants of Pripyat’s never-used amusement park, and it rises up to greet Queen.

This is the shortest of the Callsign books so far (at 30,000 words). It’s just as good as the others I have read. Zelda dispatches everything in her path to take down the opposition. Another fun, if brutal read.