Spell Sword

Spell/Sword (Spell/Sword #1)
by G. Derek Adams (2013)

Rime is a wild mage. She can bend the very fabric of reality, but at a cost – a cost to her health and her sanity. Her power is unstoppable but it leaves her empty, weak, and often unconscious. Jonas is a squire on the run – running away from the shadow of murder. They travel together to find the one person that can save Rime from the wild magic, from the inexorable madness and death that comes to those who are born to ignore the rules of the universe. The Gray Witch of the Wheelbrake Marsh, a creature out of a fairy tale.

Another example of a story that is supposed to be humorous, but just falls flat. Also, descriptions and settings don’t come across clearly. Sometimes after an action sequence you wonder – what just happened ?. With practice swing his pen, this author could improve.