Zahn’s Cobras

Cobra Trilogy

This is military science fiction about Cobras, elite soldiers augmented with bionic technology. These modifications include built-in weapons, sensory enhancements, effectively unbreakable bones, and their characteristic combat reflexes. The modifications to the human body are invisible to casual inspection, and allow the soldiers to appear as ordinary unarmed civilians, allowing them to be effective resistance leaders.

However, most of the cybernetics are permanent, allowing Zahn to examine the position these individuals might fill in a society during peace-time.

Cobra (Cobra #1)
by Timothy Zahn (1986)

The Cobras wonder if they can return home after the wars–since humans fear their talents.

Cobra Strike (Cobra #2)
by Timothy Zahn (1987)

If anyone had told Jonny Moreau the Cobras would one day take orders from the alien Troft, he would have laughed without humor. He’d lost too many friends during the Troft war, though the Cobras triumphed in the end. Now, though, the Troft were trading partners – and they feared what might be a mutual danger. A new race, ruthless and tenacious, that threatened human space as well as Troft. And the offer was territory – five new planets for the overcrowded Cobra Worlds.

Cobra Bargain (Cobra #3)
by Timothy Zahn (1988)

Jasmine Moreau is reconsidered for Cobra treatment when a return mission to a dangerous planet becomes inevitable.

The first book is the best of the trilogy. Zahn is at his best in the setup and science of telling an interesting story. The second continues in a similar matter. Unfortunately the third book suffers from slow plotting. It feels like the author had an overall plot set out, but on writing the third book came up short and simply padded the last half of the third book out.

I will probably read the sequel series:
Cobra Alliance – Cobra War Book 1 (2009)
Cobra Guardian – Cobra War Book 2 (January 4, 2011)
Cobra Gamble – Cobra War Book 3 (January 2012)
Cobra Rebellion Trilogy – Cobra Slave (2013)
Cobra Rebellion Trilogy – Cobra Outlaw (2015)
Cobra Rebellion Trilogy – Book 3 (not yet released)