Flying Amazon Queens

Flight of the Amazon Queen
by Interactive Binary Illusions (1995)

This is a graphical point-and-click adventure game originally released for Amiga and MS-DOS then re-released as freeware in 2004 for use with ScummVM. I got it from
It’s game-play is very similar in style to many of LucasArts’ popular point-and-click adventures of the 1990s, and was inspired by Monkey Island and Indiana Jones. The game includes multiple allusions to Indiana Jones and is a pastiche of adventure serials and pulp magazines of the time.

The year is 1949 and you play Joe King, pilot for hire, tasked with flying famous movie starlet Faye Russell into the Amazon jungle for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan and Joe finds himself stranded in the heart of the jungle where he must rescue a kidnapped princess, brave a dangerous temple, encounter fearsome Amazonian warriors, and uncover a mad scientist’s plan to take over the world! It’s up to you to deal with the imminent threat of world domination … but be careful, or this may be the last Flight of the Amazon Queen!

This is a game of it’s time, while the graphics are basic, it does have full cast voices. All the text is spoken and it’s decently done. At first this is an enjoyable adventure, the puzzles are inventory based and reasonably logical. However further into the game things become more difficult and without the walk-through I wouldn’t have finished the game. So OK – but average.