How to Disappear Completely
by David Bowick (2009)

Sitting at the top of a Ferris wheel overlooking the Boston skyline, Josh’s life takes an unexpected turn, and things will never be the same. Along with the many surprises on his life’s new path, he’ll come to take life advice from a family of ducks, get in a bloody war with a dog, lose his job over a spilled drink, wake up in the hospital, apply to work at an adult-themed novelty bakery, and find out that people often aren’t what they seem. When you’re at the top of the world, there’s nowhere to go but down.

Not a genre I usually read, but an entertaining romance tale from the male perspective.

This is the only book by the author. He is also a musician and currently touring America. His music is on the site and is very middle American singer-songwriter styled.