Mostly Lord Of The Rings

Mostly Autumn
Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings (2002)

Here is another Mostly Autumn release. Very similar to previous albums, but covering a familiar subject.

Reviewed by: John “Bo Bo” Bollenberg, June 2002

Whilst Heather has been called the new Sandy Denny or the new Stevie Nicks, it is clear that she is getting better and better all of the time, her voice settling in nicely within the arrangements, as another live favourite illustrates by means of “The Riders Of Rohan.” However, for me, the band is at its absolute best in the quiet songs such as “Lothlorien” where all our attention goes towards the fragile vocals that are sparsely accompanied by guitar and tin whistle, the kind of song one would die for! The song is followed by a complete contrast in the form of “To The Grey Havens” which gets very close to vintage Hawkwind at times. Written, rehearsed, recorded, mixed and mastered in just fourteen days, this means the talented bunch of Mostly Autumn could produce no fewer than 26 of these albums a year. Now that’s what I call magic, and magic you get throughout this album, the unexpected album!


Heather Findlay – vocals, guitar, bodhran, tambourine, recorder
Bryan Josh – lead guitar, vocals
Iain Jennings – keyboards
Liam Davison – guitar
Angela Goldthorpe – flute, recorders, vocals
Andy Smith – bass
Jonathan Blackmore – drums

Guests :
Marcus Bousefield – violin
Marissa Claughlan – cello
Ch̩ Рdjembe
Duncan Rayson – additional keyboards