by Seven Savile (2012)
Co-Written with Sean Ellis



It’s the middle of the night. Ronan Frost receives a plea for help from his former commanding officer, an outspoken opponent of globalization who is fascinated in Arthurian lore. Frost’s old comrade is the target of agents of a shadowy conspiracy trying to prevent him from finding the Crocea Mors, the sword of Caesar, and perhaps the very blade that King Arthur pulled from the stone. Frost is sceptical, most of what Denison claims strikes him as bullshit, plain and simple, but there’s no denying that someone is trying to kill him. So he’s going to help. No matter the risk. That’s just who he is.


This book takes things even more into the Dan Brown territory. Ancient swords with magical powers, Caesar, King Arthur and global conspiracies. It all comes together a bit too quickly to have the character development of the previous novels. Still, it’s a damn good thrilling ride with great action pieces and just a bit too much Machiavellian planning to be believable. Still Recommended.