Joe’s Planet

Joe Satriani
Crystal Planet (1998)

This is possibly Joe’s best album.¬† What makes this album work is the great¬† rhythm section that rumbles and grooves along like a train, allowing Joe to do his 20 fingers stuff on guitar.

The album starts fast with “Up in The Sky”, the track has is a strong knock-out punch of an introduction and Joe illustrates his abilities with a few catchy fast repetitive phrases on top of a rock/thrash/gallop beat with sloppy open hi hats and a very plain but dominant and workable bass riff.

My favorite track is ‘Psycho Monkey’ with a great grungy feel. The rhythm section really piles it on with a belting magnificent low end.

A fantastic must buy album – highly recommended for when you need some musical inspiration or if you just want to be wowed by one of the best guitarists on the planet.