Frippian Influences

Frippian Influences

Robert Fripp laid the foundations for progressive rock when he formed King Crimson and released the band’s frightening first album “In the Court of the Crimson King” in 1969. Since then, over the numerous personnel changes and excursions, the band has somehow continued.

Although infrequently mentioned in the press, Robert has had an enormous effect on musicians of at least two and probably three generations. With the forming of the School for Crafty Guitarists in the early 1980s he laid the foundations for a new generation of musicians who would take a unique style and craft unique albums. Here are some of the best…….

California Guitar Trio
Formed by Bert Lams, Hideyo Moriya and Paul Richards after attending Robert’s Guitar courses, CGT has over 10 years of touring and made almost as many albums.

Trey Gunn
He was part of King Crimson that reformed in 1994 as a ‘double trio’. Labelled the ‘good looking one’ (he was the youngest) in the band, Trey also had his own band.

Agent 22
Where King Crimson would fill all the musical spaces with noise, distortion and even more noise, this band opens the musical mix. Every instrument is clear and distinct. This reminds me a lot of Manfred Esher’s ECM jazz output, the production is crystal clear, music like this is often the product of the modern jazz school. Everything may be beautifully produced and shined, but there is nothing of interest. The musicians probably liked it at the time, but for the rest of us, it’s just meandering self indulgence. That isn’t the case there. There are strong songs with a wit and often a swing.