Buccaneers’ Code

The Buccaneers’ Code
The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #3
by Caroline Carlson (2013)


Hilary Westfield is now a freelance pirate. After trying to prove herself to the VNHLP, she realized many members of the League weren’t all that honorable—not even very nearly. With Captain Blacktooth in cahoots with the Mutineers, the kingdom of Augusta and all its magic are at risk.

What the League needs is a very honorable pirate to be their new president. So Hilary—with the help of her friends, including the always spirited gargoyle—challenges Blacktooth to a High Seas battle. Winner takes all. Loser, at best, will be exiled.

In the third book, villains become more villainous, magic has more prominence and things get a bit more silly. The writing is a sharp as ever, but some of the plot twists get a bit silly to support the notion that a young girl will defeat a bunch of (semi) professional pirates. Still, it’s a fun read and appears to bring the series to a close.