Martian Monsters

Monsters of Mars
by Edmond Hamilton (1931)

So Mars has a civilization of man-like reptiles living on it (who knew). Our heroes have found a way of communicating with it the enables them to make a transporter device that moves things and people using radio waves. It sounds ridiculous, but this is from a 1930’s pulp magazine. In a strange way this is a precursor of the Star Trek Transporters, but without dilithium and a matter/anti-matter reactor. It all makes sense eventually and is a key plot point later in the story. You will be pleased to know that Mars has a breathable atmosphere and a gravity similar to earth. The shaky science doesn’t really detract from the story, as it’s all about how humans can out-wit those pesky aliens, plan a rescue and come home safely with 0.5 seconds to spare.

The novelette is about 15,000 words and moves at a brisk pace, keeping up the adventure aspect prominent and would surely appeal to the teenagers of the time.