All India Spaceship

Dream On
Big Spaceship (2005)

Just when you think you have all the ‘All India Radio’ releases, you discover something new.

The band, formed by Martin Kennedy creates atmospheric chill/downbeat music. All India Radio’s music has featured in CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, The Lying Game, Australia’s hit Bondi Rescue and the film The Rare Earth.

This album comes from 2005 and has a different feel to Martin’s other work. It’s a bit more up-beat and has a distinct 1980s feel to it. The songs have a more conventional structure of verse/chorus/verse. Most song have vocals (by Kennedy, Chloe Hall and Glenn Richards). The best part of the wonderful sounding drums and bass, this anchors the songs and has occasionally a swing beat that adds a slow-dance aspect. Also present in some songs is a saxophone that sounds a lot like it came from Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here”.