Desmeres Lumineblade

The Redemption of Desmeres
(The Book of Deacon)
by Joseph R. Lallo (2016)
The Redemption of Desmeres is a sidequest in The Book of Deacon Saga.

Desmeres Lumineblade always prided himself on his pragmatism, clarity, and focus. These qualities made him the maker of the finest weapons ever created, and even helped end the Perpetual War. But some choices leave scars on even the steadiest mind, and now the time has come to find balance for his less heroic deeds.

For the first time in his life, Desmeres finds himself without purpose or direction. He has no doubt that every last decision made over his long life, whether the others viewed it as heroic or heinous, has been intelligent and necessary. But as the world recovers from its greatest trial, he finds his mind muddled and filled with uncertainty. For one who has already made himself the enemy of the Elite—the finest warriors of the Alliance Army—such distraction could cost him his freedom, or even his life.



This is a better story than ‘The D’Karon Apprentice’. The major reason is that it doesn’t follow the fantasy troupe of ‘hero’ vs evil. The two main characters are well portrayed from the start. Most of the book consists of Desmeres fighting his past and Genara looking for a new future. Because of it’s structure, the story is engaging and the end is not predetermined (until the end). Unfortunately near the end a rather simplistic villain is introduced. The book would have been better without him.