New PC 2004-08-23

Well, it’s here, looking sexy on my desk.
She has an outer case in beige with a dark blue fascia panel
that has blue down both sides and at the bottom.

In the interior you would find…….

DVD/CD Writer
120GB HD
3.5″ Floppy $14
Albatron KX600S motherboard
512MB Memory
G-Force FX 5700 Graphics Card
56K Modem
Windows XP Home

I got it from 9-10 AM Monday 23 August 2004 from Vintron.
(just down the road at 142 Yaldhurst Rd)

After getting a new DVD player (I now have 2) I needed something
to play on it. I didn’t want to use my Ayreon DVD until the region
settings were permanent, so I went to Riccarton Mall and got
‘The Complete Black Adder’. It’s the four seasons on 4xDVDs.

While in Dick Smith I got the last (so I was told)
256MB USB Micro Drive in the shop. The CD that comes with it is
very handy, it has…….
Adobe Acrobat 6.0
CDEX 151 (CD Ripper)
DirectX 9 (22/6/2004)
Mozzila 1.7
Firefox 0.9
Thunderbird 0.7
OpenOffice 1.1 (2003 August 11)
PC Tech Guide
This looks interesting, even explains DVD types !
WinAmp 3.0 & 5.03
Zone Alarm

Fortunately, the guys at Vintron tested the PC with XP using
the ‘Classic’ Win98 style interface. I have been spared the horrible
‘furry’ default style. There lots of little changes I am noticing
to XP (relative to 98) and most of them are just plain annoying.
I can see what Microsoft have done, trying to make thing ‘easier’
for the novice. But they just get in the way !

I’m not sure where the DVD writing software is ?
There appears to be some sort of built in support for writing CDs,
but I don’t know about DVDs. Do you need to install another application
to do DVD authoring & audio CDs ?

I don’t know why I was worrying about running my old
9-Pin dot matrix printer. I didn’t even bother installing
a printer driver. I just ran CMD and entered


it worked first time !

The Palm transfers work faster now, with a USB connection it’s seconds instead of minutes !

I don’t need the old serial cradle now. Ian, do you still want it ?

So far, the only real problem has been the lack of a Win XP driver for my Camera floppy adapter. After searching on the internet I eventually found it and got the camera transfers working.

Tried installing Adobe Audition. Installs OK, but fails
to work. No feedback !

Be sure to listen to National Radio Tuesday 24th at 8pm.

Kim Hill is having a discussion on ‘nasty violent’ computer/video
games. In the promo currently playing, they are describing ‘Doom 3’
as one of the most violent games.