Atomic Bitchwax

Atomic Bitchwax -II

If you find a CD with a cover consisting of scantily clad girls, turbo-charged mustangs and skinny guys with long hair & guitars you may be able to assume this is rock music. You would be right and this trio of Ed Mundell (guitars), Chris Kosnik (bass) & Keith Ackerman (drums) make a lot of noise circa 1974 for three guys. Most reviews call this “stoner” rock. I’m not sure what this means, but to me it’s like an updated Deep Purple with minimal vocals.

From Aural Innovations #15 (April 2001)
This is the 2nd studio CD by Ed Mundell from Monster Magnet. The CD picks up where the last one left off with the band going for a different sound for the guitars as Ed really changed gear this time around. Again, the CD is half instrumental and half with vocals but mostly in the 70’s acid jamming style. The production is very raw and nasty and Ed rips it up all over the place. The opening song Ice Pick Freek is a killer.

I still don’t care much for the vocals of Chris Kosnik, but the guitar riffs are a killer on this release and Ed sure shows that he can play some great guitar. Play The Game has a guest organ player but you hardly hear him. Warren Haynes from Gov’t Mule guests on the 4th track, Smokescreen, and plays some killer slide guitar. Ed told me that Warren was to play on two tracks but there was no time. The band seems to have a pretty constant approach to the songs with most songs starting with some heavy riffing, a little solo, vocals, small middle solo, and longer solos at the ends, sometimes fading out.

The Cloning Chamber is an excellent song with a great riff and organ line. Dishing out a heavy dose of tough love borrows a little bit of the riff rom Rock and Roll Hoochie Choo by Rick Derringer! Great song. Well, if you liked the first one, you will love this one. I think it is an improvement but does not break much new ground from the first one, still lots of great ripping guitar and good songs.