Summertimes 1995

Summertimes Candlelight Opera

Sat 21 Jan 1995 8:30

I arrived at 6:40 to find that half the audience had got there before
me. After eats I settled down to look bored & read the program (as one
does at these events). It was a sunny and calm night. Puuuurrrfect

——- Program ————-

Prelude, Carmen – Bizet

Carmen – Bizet
Adrian McEniery
The Flower Song (Don Jose)

Cosi Fan Tutte – Mo’s art
Gina Sanders
Would a maid be worth the wining (Despina)

Don Giovanni – Mo’s art
Gina Sanders & Grant Smith
Place your hand in mine (Zerlina & Don Giovanni)

Norma – Bellini
Dame Malvina Major & Canterbury Opera Chorus
Chaste Godess

I Vespri Siciliani – Verdi
Dame Malvina Major & Canterbury Opera Chorus
Thanks to my good friends

Nabucco – Verdi
Canterbury Opera Chorus
Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

The Marriage of Figaro – Mo’s art
Sir Don Mac-in-tyre
Non piu andrai (Figaro)

Faust – Gounod
Sir Don Mac-in-tyre & Canterbury Opera Men’s Chorus
The Golden Calf (Mephistofele)


During the interval I went for a walk to the back of the audience
(about 150m). I met my sister & her intended B&C. But they were
leaving. Jane had a problem – the temperature was dropping to below
room temperature and she couldn’t see the stage, so they were going
home. Remember that this is the person who regards “roughing it” as
doing without a microwave for the day.

——–part 2—————-

Die Fledermaus – Johann Strauss
(Trans = Die, you flying mouse)
Gina Sanders
My dear Marquis (Adele)

The Merry Widow – Lehar (ha ha)
Grant Smith
I’m off to Chez Maxime (Danilo)

At this time (9:00) everyone was asked to light their candles.
Unfortunately a breeze had developed, making lighting and maintaining the flames difficult. It wasn’t until 9:30 that it was dark enough for the candles to be effective.

La Boheme – Puccini
Gina Sanders
Museta’s Waltz Song (Musetta)

La Boheme – Puccini
Adrian McEniery
Your tiny hand is frozen (Rudolpho)

La Boheme – Puccini
Dame Malvina Major
Yes, they call me Mimi

La Boheme – Puccini
Dame Malvina Major & Adrian McEniery
Lovely maid by the moonlight (Mimi & Rudolpho)

Sir Don Mac-in-tyre
Drink to me only

Carmen – Bizet
Sir Don Mac-in-tyre & Canterbury Opera Chorus
Toreador’s Song (Escamillo)

La Traviata – Verdi
Full Company
Libiamo (Drinking Song)

————— end approx 10:15

Well… what did I think.
The audience was appreciative, but I had some reservations.
Adrian McEniery is an Australian singer (one black mark). I didn’t
find his singing as good as Grant Smith.

Don “floor-rattler” McIntyre was in good form. Unfortunately his voice
was not conveyed to us with the power I know he is capable of.
Probably a result of the amplified, open-air venue. The Toreador’s
song was a BIG mistake. I believe that is written for a baritone
(maybe a tenor). Don’s bass voice just didn’t suit the song. I was
probably put in the program for that same reason that opera singers
_try_ to sing Sondheim (popularity).

Dame MM is (I believe) a “lyric soprano”. So it wasn’t until we got to
“call me Mimi” that she really shone. This would have been the best
song of the night.

This is the second time that we have had Opera by Candlelight. From
memory, Dame MM was at the last one. Overall, I think the first was
the better. Last year we had two good soprano’s who did some
exellent duets. Most memorable was the “flower duet”. There are two
“flower duets”, this is the one that an Airline used for the melody of
a commercial.

BTW, Malvina & Grant Smith will be appearing in “The Merry Widow”
Feb 11-25 (envious)

|\|igel Baker 22/1/95 11:40am