Classical Sparks

Classical Sparks

24 Feb 1995 in North Hagley Park

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Conductor/Singer : Wayne Senior

M/C: Malcolm McNeill

with Singers
Leon Kearns, Jillian Bartram, Janice Bateman,
Peter Hewson, David McMeeking

The Program :
1. Galop (Masquerade Suite) Katchaturain

2. Buglers Holiday Leroy Anderson

3. The Bare Necessities
Sung by the conductor !

4. Pink Panther Mancini

5. I want to be like you
Sung by the conductor.

6. Grease Medley
The singers then sung (with considerable gusto) songs
from the show.
Greased Lightning Karlin/Gimbel
Summer Nights Jacobs/Casey
Hopelessly Devoted Farrar
Your the one that I want Farrar

7. Memory (cats) Lloyd Webber
Sung by Jillian Bartman

8. Hoe Down (Rodeo) Copland

9. Phantom of the Opera Lloyd Webber
Sung By Leon Kearns & Jillian Bartram

10. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in
All the singers led the sing-along.

11. Superstar Medley
My Mind is clearer now
I don’t know how to love him
Sung by Janice Bateman
Herods Song
Sung by Peter Hewson
Sung by David McMeeking
Jesus Christ Superstar
With all the singers

12. Pathetique Symphony Op 74 Tchaikovsky
3rd movement – Allegro molto vivace

13. Les Miserables Schonberg
Bring him home
Sung by Peter Hewson
14. Light Cavalry Overture von Suppe

15. Hey Jude Lennon/McCarthy
Malcolm McNeill with company

16. Ride of the Valkyries Wagner
Complete with fireworks.

The show was introduced by Malcom McNeill with a *very* bad joke about “Catch a turian”.

McNeill also thought there might be someone in the audience who
didn’t know who Henry Mancini was, even the dancer in a pink suit
didn’t help this one. The Panther without a saxophone just isn’t the

This was the first time I have heard the conductor sing. He had an
average singing voice, but given the songs, Malcolm would have done
a much better job of it. The orchestra was in good form, however the
tempo was a bit too quick for some of the slow ballads.

Jillian had a go at “Memory”, but didn’t quite have to range to do
it successfully. The best songs were “I don’t know how to love him”,
“Gethsemane” and “Bring him home”.

The show ended with a firework display. Possibly not as good as some
in the past, but had sufficient bangs and crackles to get aaaaahhhss
and ooooosssss from the audience.

|\| Baker 26/2/95