Genocide Machine

The Genocide Machine
a Dr Who Big Finish audio drama (2000)


On the planet Kar-Charrat, the Seventh Doctor and Ace try to prevent the Daleks acquiring a technology called the Wetworks Facility.

A decent Dr Who story, with a science fiction theme of misused technology. It’s also a straightforward plot which helps with the increasing tension in the story. There is even an interesting twist and reveal in the forth part. (4/5)

The Doctor — Sylvester McCoy
Ace — Sophie Aldred
Rappell — Daniel Gabriele
Bev Tarrant — Louise Faulkner
Chief Librarian Elgin — Bruce Montague
Cataloguer Prink — Nicholas Briggs
Dalek Voices — Alistair Lock and Nicholas Briggs
Phantom Voices — Daniel Gabriele