Lexx 4.22 & 4.23


Lexx 4.22 “Trip” April 12, 2002
Each planet the crew encounters on their search for a new home appears to be stripped of life. They conclude that it was “Lyekka”, but Stan is still convinced that Lyekka has changed her ways. “Lyekka” gives the crew a going away present, which appears to be yummy fruitballs, but ends up being a paranoid psychotic adventure, egged on by 790. The cryo control is wrecked and Kai mentions that he only has “days, a few weeks at best” of protoblood left.

It looks like the writers were starved of money for effects and sets and came up with a half decent plot of deception and lies. (4/5)

Lexx 4.23 “Lyekka vs Japan” April 19, 2002
Kai and Xev land near where a “Lyekka” asteroid hit near the coast of Japan, and meet the monks of a Buddhist monastery. There, Xev learns of “inner pieces”; her organs nearly harvested by the “Master”. A Godzilla-sized Lyekka comes out of the sea and starts devastating Tokyo. Kai slays her, and Lexx blasts the walking asteroid that emerges afterwards. The last few minutes of the episode are prematurely feel-good, as Stan decides to head away from Earth forever.

A Godzilla take-off that starts OK then takes ages to get going. The ‘monster’ Lyekka is suitably sub-par special effects and it looks like a quick getaway for the (still un-fed) Lexx. (2/5)