Flash for Freedom (1971)
Flashman at the Charge (1973)
Flashman in the Great Game (1975)
Flashman and the Redskins (1982)
Flashman and the Dragon (1985)
Flashman and the Mountain of Light (1990)
Flashman on the March (2005)

The Flashman series illustrates the benefits and drawbacks of first person narration. Flashman is a fiction character, born as the bully in Tom Brown’s Schooldays he goes on to enter the military and travel the world having unlikely adventures from India to American and Afrrica. He is the unreliable narrator, full of himself, arrogant and unreliable but thanks to luck and others manages to get out of every problem he falls into.
The first few books are great, fast paced adventures that always get you wondering what will happen next. Then, around book four or five the internal monologues take over. Instead of plot advancement, they drag everything down. Explaining everything too much, going on for pages and just being generally boring.

Read the first three books.