Lexx 2.5 & 2.6



Lexx 2.5 – Lafftrak (Jan 8, 1999)
Two planets, Liber and Leester, long ago destroyed each other in a ratings war. The crew discover a small, automated planetoid that is still producing TV programs. Stan is captured on the planet and forced to take part in various shows, and when he consistently fails to amuse the macabre audience he is demoted to increasingly less dignified positions. Eventually, it is discovered that when contestants fail, they are decapitated and their heads are kept alive to be part of the studio audience for all eternity.

The setup battle is a fun homage to a pulp space adventure. When Stan, 790 and Xev get to partake in old TV shows, the humour feels very forced and not funny. But ultimately it’s the predictable Kai that comes to save everyone (3/5)


Lexx 2.6 – Stan’s Trial (Jan 15, 1999)
Stan needs release and returns to an old haunt for pleasure; another space brothel. Unbeknownst to him and the crew however the Reform Planets have been searching for Stanley, whom they call “the Arch-Traitor”, to put him on trial for the destruction of 100 worlds hostile to His Divine Shadow. The trial seems to be legitimate but the chief prosecutor has her own secret intentions: wanting to torture and execute Stanley.

At last, a show with actual themes that hint at what Star Trek could do with ease. The court scenes are predictable,  but the ending makes up for short-comings. (4/5)