PC Club 2004

Review of a Christchurch PC Club Meeting

Thursday 4 November 2004
Graeme Stewart (club president) showed us his toys. He started with a few USB micro drives, explaining that he used them to transfer his personal files between work and home. He had a problem with windows not recognizing the new drive letter for the microdrive, other programs found it but not in the windows setting. The problem was rectified when the discovered that TWEAKUI has deactivated the drive letter. Something used in older versions of Windows to speed up operations as this stopped windows scanning all possible drives.

He showed a how Roboform (fills HTML forms) and Leechget (downloader) worked.
Then his most interesting toy, a photographic printer. He used to use a ink-jet to print photos, but found that unless used frequently, the jets clogged and he needed a new cartridge.

The HiTi 630PL printer doesn’t have that problem. It is a home printer for about $400 that produces continuous tone prints that are identical to those produced by a commercial photolab. The 6×4 paper and printing cartridge comes in packs of 50 for $80 ($1.60 per sheet). Graeme had his camera and took a photo of the group. In a few minutes he had a print. Great little printer for home use. The only problem I have is that it doesn’t print images large enough for my CD covers. However its big brother, the 730PL prints on 6×8 paper, just the size I need.

After the talk I met a interesting chap, John Everingham, webmaster of the Elvis Costello Home Page.

A very impressive site with lots of info. He is doing CD covers like me, but all his are of bootleg Elvis Costello shows.