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Brooklyn 99 S3

Covid-19 Day 9

The third season of the television sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired from September 27, 2015 to April 19, 2016 with 23 episodes.

Following the kiss that Jake and Amy had, the two decide to pursue a real relationship. The 99 gets a new captain, Seth Dozerman (Bill Hader) who dies of a heart attack after seeing Jake and Amy kissing. The Vulture assumes command of the precinct, but Holt takes it back.

Charles begins a relationship with an art curator who was framed for insurance fraud. Terry’s wife gives birth to their third daughter, Ava, on Thanksgiving. Rosa breaks up with Marcus and begins a new relationship with Adrian Pimento, a detective who’s been undercover for 12 years. At the end of the series, Jake is forced to go to witness protection in Florida.

After three seasons of the same characters, they start to get a little stale and annoying. On Michael Schur’s other shows, characters changed and grew. In Parks & Rec Lesley Knope ran for office, and in The Good Place, everyone changed, almost every episode. But here the same joked get mined again and again.

At least they do have a plot arc through the second half of the series. But it’s not enough to redeem the show.

So it’s goodbye to the Nine-Nine.


Brooklyn 99 S2

Jake returns to the precinct after going undercover to help take down the mafia.

He then begins a relationship with defense lawyer Sophia Perez, played by Eva Longoria.

Which I didn’t buy for a nano-second.

Holt continues a battle of wits with Deputy Commissioner Madelyn Wuntch

Not believing this either. It’s out of tone with the other workplace relationships.

Charles and Gina’s affair is exposed

Which is fun as Gina’s snarky attitude to work is fun and similar to April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) in Parks & Recreation.

April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza)


Rosa begins a relationship with Holt’s nephew Marcus.

Marcus, Rosa & Charles

Totally understandable (he’s a good looking bloke).

And relationship blossoms between Jake and Amy.

Totally unnecessary, and veering into soppy melodrama territory.


Archer #10

Sterling Archer, still in a coma dreams that he is the captain of the “M/V Seamus (934TXS)”, a space salvage freighter, co-captaining with his ex-wife Lana, with whom he is co-owner of the ship.

Krieger is the android scientist/doctor onboard. Cyril is the on-board accountant as well as Lana’s lover, and Ray is a gay courtesan.

Pam is a hulking grey alien, while Cheryl/Carole is a bloodthirsty/suicidal spacefighter pilot.

“Mother”, or Ms. Archer, is a glowing ball of light.

A total rip-off of the Alien series. Including almost lifting scenes from the movie and numerous references to other Sci-Fi TV shows and movies.

It is notable that creator Adam Reed has not written every episode for the season.

Not bad, just very derivative. Originally aired May to July 2019.

Expect Season 11 to come soon.



Archer #9


This series takes place in 1938. Same cast, but playing different versions of their characters.

Archer, who was found shot in actress Veronica Deane’s pool at the conclusion of season seven, remains in a coma, and the events of the season are of his imagination.

The season’s premise sees Archer as an alcoholic co-pilot with Pam, who crash lands onto the lush and mysterious Pacific island of Mitimotu.

This feels like a combination of “The Secret of Monkey Island” and an Indiana Jones movie.

According to creator Adam Reed, this is inspired by the short lived 1980s television series “Tales of the Gold Monkey” which featured a very similar premise as Danger Island. An this show was aired following the success of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark the previous year.

Because of all the derived tropes and plot it is not as original as previous series and subsequently my least favorite.


Brooklyn 99 S1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

The series revolves around Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), an immature but talented NYPD detective in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his new commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

The rest of the cast features Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle, Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti, Dirk Blocker as Michael Hitchcock, and Joel McKinnon Miller as Norm Scully.

The main reason for watching this was the involvement of Michael Schur, the creative genius behind ‘The Good Place” and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

It also coincides with the ending of ‘The Good Place’ podcast that was hosted by Marc Evan Jackson who played Shawn the devil in the Good Place. He is also in Brooklyn-99 as the husband of Captain Holt. And he hosts a podcast of this show.

The only actor I recognized was  Joel McKinnon Miller, who was in Big Love.

Joal McKinnon Miller as Dom Enbry in ‘Big Love’ (2006-2011)

The series starts well, it’s very standard american comedy. The humor mainly based on Jake Peralta, a smart-ass detective and the differences between the characters.


Archer #8

The eighth season of Archer, known as Archer Dreamland, began airing on April 5, 2017

After the cliffhanger from last season, it is revealed that Archer survived but has been in a coma for three months, trapped in a 1947 noir-esque Los Angeles setting called Dreamland.

It also reveals the fate of Woodhouse (whose original voice actor George Coe died in 2015), the heroin-addicted valet of Archer dying shortly before the season premiere.

Archer #7

The seventh season changes its setting from New York City to Los Angeles and follows the main characters as they run a private investigation agency in Hollywood.

This takes inspiration from Magnum, P.I.

They also changed the series from the 1960s-aesthetic to a 1970s-style, which included new clothing for the main characters.

The seventh season also marked the first time the show had a composer, J. G. Thirlwell, scoring the soundtrack for the season, a notable difference from previous seasons, in which only the opening and ending music themes were made by composers (Scott Sims and Mel Young, respectively), and the episodes used stock library music.

On February 1, 2016, a trailer for the show’s seventh season was released. The trailer was a shot-for-shot remake of the opening scene of Magnum, P.I.

Pictures of female Archer characters appeared in both the online and print versions of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

On March 11, 2016, a new trailer for the show—a PSA in which Sterling and Lana instruct the audience at a movie theater to turn off their cell phones—began airing.

Guest stars include Patton Oswalt as Alan Shapiro.

The series ends with Archer face down in a swimming pool, apparently dead !

Archer #6

63 “The Holdout”
Archer searches a jungle in Borneo for a crashed plane carrying sensitive information. He is ambushed by a Japanese soldier named Sato Kentaro, who has been marooned on the island.

64 “Three to Tango”
Slater has an assignment for Archer and Lana: extract a freelance CIA agent stranded in Buenos Aires.

Christian Slater as Slater.

65 “The Archer Sanction”
Lana, Archer, and Ray travel to a mountain climbing resort in the Alps to kill an assassin.

The title and plot of the episode is a reference to the 1972 novel The Eiger Sanction by Trevanian

66 “Edie’s Wedding”
Pam’s nasty sister Edie is getting married and has overlooked Pam for maid of honor, in favor of a woman who stole her old boyfriend.

67 “Vision Quest”
Malory calls the team to the office for a 7:00 am meeting. They gather into the elevator for the ascent, and it gets stuck near the top floor.

68 “Sitting”
Lana leaves A.J. in Archer’s care. When she departs, Slater arrives at Archer’s with a bullet wound.

69 “Nellis”
After learning Lana set up his recent kidnapping to test his paternal abilities, Archer goes on a drunken bender to Vegas and somehow gets put on the no-fly and no-train lists.

70 “The Kanes”
Lana and Archer travel to Berkeley so that her parents can meet their granddaughter.

C.C.H. Pounder as Claudette Kane

71 “Pocket Listing”
Slater has the gang swindle the Durhani royal family and Gillette lends a hand.

72 “Reignition Sequence”
Disgusted by Archer and Lana’s renewed romance, Cyril, Ray, Pam, Cheryl, and Krieger conspire to drive a wedge in between the couple.

73 “Achub Y Morfilod”
Archer takes Lana to Wales for a romantic getaway and end up aiding Welsh separatists.

74 “Drastic Voyage: Part I”
To save the life of a preeminent scientist who has discovered miniaturization, the team must enter his body and destroy a blood clot.

Gary Cole as Special Agent Hawley

75 “Drastic Voyage: Part II”
The team’s mission inside Dr. Kovacs goes awry, and they are blacklisted by the CIA.

Archer #5

In this season the team moves from being a spy agency (after it is revealed ISIS was never sanctioned by the U.S. government), to embarking on a life of crime as they attempt to sell cocaine.

50 “White Elephant”
ISIS is raided and disbanded by the U.S. government when it transpires that the agency was never sanctioned by them. Cyril, Pam, Cheryl, Krieger and Ray promptly spill the beans about all of ISIS’s operations, while Lana and Archer creatively break out of custody, only to find that Malory has managed to get everyone off the hook, on the condition that ISIS be dismantled immediately.

51 “A Kiss While Dying”
Disguised as a doctor and nurse, Archer and Lana take twenty kilos of cocaine – hidden in plaster covering Pam’s entire body to a deal with an unknown buyer.

52 “A Debt of Honor”
The gang decides to use the counterfeit money to buy guns but Pam takes it instead to buy amphetamines from the Yakuza. They trace Pam down (as she had left full and detailed listing of living at Cheryl’s mansion at her old apartment) as the Yakuza boss, Mr. Moto demands the drugs be returned.

53 “House Call”
As the gang discusses their diminishing coke supply and sending Pam to rehab, an FBI agent knocks on the door. Because he was invited in by Woodhouse, the gang fears they will be incriminated by their coke pile under the plain view doctrine.

54 “Southbound and Down”
With Charlene on the verge of discovery, Archer pays for an extravagant tour bus to get the gang to Texas for her debut performance.

55 “Baby Shower”
With Krieger operating an online pharmacy to distribute the cocaine to buyers, the gang has the free time to throw a neglected Lana a baby shower.

56 “Smugglers’ Blues”
Without Malory’s knowledge or permission, Archer takes some of the cocaine to South America, dragging Cyril and Ray along.

57 “The Rules of Extraction”
When the jeep carrying them crashes, Archer, Cyril and Ray (who has supposedly become paralyzed yet again) have to navigate their way through a jungle river, forcing Archer to confront his fear of crocodiles.

58 “On the Carpet”
Archer avoids crash landing in a dangerous swamp only to come face-to-face with a shady arms dealer.

59 “Palace Intrigue: Part I”
Archer and the rest of the ISIS gang are the guests of Gustavo Calderon, dictator of fictional Central American country San Marcos, and his wife Juliana.

60 “Palace Intrigue: Part II”
Archer tries to keep his fling with the dictator’s wife a secret while Krieger bonds with his clone-brothers.

61 “Filibuster”
Cyril becomes the new president of San Marcos and forcibly takes Juliana as his wife, Charlene becomes the first lady of country music, and Archer becomes a resistance fighter.

62 “Arrival/Departure”
Archer and later Malory and Pam help Lana with the delivery of her baby while Krieger, who after fighting and defeating his clones does not sufficiently prove to Ray that he isn’t actually one of the clones. Lana reveals to Archer that he is the father of her baby girl, since she took a sample of his sperm due to his physical specimen and her attraction to him.

Archer #4


37 “Fugue and Riffs”
Archer has amnesia, brought about by the trauma of watching his mother get married, and believes he is now a fry cook at a burger joint called Bob’s Burgers.

38 “The Wind Cries Mary”
Archer sets out to clear the name of a former ISIS agent who was his best friend, but there is more to him than Archer believes.

Timothy Olyphant as Lucas Troy

39 “Legs”
Krieger offers to give Ray the power to walk again.

40 “Midnight Ron”
Ron Cadillac’s past is revealed and step-father and son bonding occurs as Ron rescues Archer from Montreal.

41 “Viscous Coupling”
Katya enlists Archer’s help to bring Barry back from space.

42 “Once Bitten”
A snake bites Archer’s taint during a covert operation to blow up an oil pipe.

43 “Live and Let Dine”
When there is a threat against the Albanian ambassador, the ISIS agents investigate the threat undercover in Lance Casteau’s restaurant.

Anthony Bourdain as Lance Casteau

44 “Coyote Lovely”
Sterling Archer’s weakness for beautiful women bungles a Border Patrol mission.

45 “The Honeymooners”
Archer and Lana go undercover as a couple on their honeymoon to catch North Korean terrorists attempting to buy uranium.

46 “Un Chien Tangerine”
Archer and Lana extract an agent from Morocco only to find out his bark is worse than his bite.

47 “The Papal Chase”
Archer, Lana and Pam are sent to the Vatican to try to prevent an assassination on the Pope by using Woodhouse as a decoy.

48 12 “Sea Tunt: Part I”
ISIS is sent on a mission to recover a hydrogen bomb from a crashed B-52 with the help of Cheryl’s brother and his girlfriend.

Jon Hamm as Captain Hazel “Hank” Murphy,
Kristen Schaal as Tiffy

49 13 “Sea Tunt: Part II”
Murphy threatens to detonate nerve-gas missiles over the Eastern Seaboard unless his demands are met.
It is revealed that Lana is pregnant.