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No Good People

People ain’t no good
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Great song, originally heard on the Clockwork Cabaret. The original version is a masterclass in anticipation. The band frequently holds back on the beat, making you wait for it. Plus it has an amazing vibe, with the vocalist changing key throughout the song.

The Original…






Hibernal Dark City

The Dark of the City
by Hibernal (2017)

A cop undertakes a relentless search for the creature that killed her partner.

The forth and final musical/audiobook. This time the protagonist is a female cop, and again it’s very moody music. As usual there is a nice twist at the end.


After Winter

After the Winter
by Hibernal

A man who transfers his thoughts and memories to a synthetic body in order to survive an apocalypse seeks to return to his human form.

Adapted from the novel “After the Winter (The Silent Earth, Book 1)” by Mark R. Healy (2014).

The third of four audiobook/musicals. Again, the theme is the distinction between man and machine.



Saturn Bro

Drew Miller is Brother Saturn

He is a native of Colorado who started experimenting with guitars and the sounds of pianos making them sound unusual.

As Drew writes:
In 2013, on a warm sunny day I decided to record music , as a soundtrack to my living room, and whatever chores I decided to do that day. I would sit down, and record guitar or piano loops, ( or both even ) , and eventually use those loops to meditate, and to relax. It was refreshing because, living downtown , in a busy city like Denver for 8 years, there is not much reprieve from loud noises.

So I decided to make loud quiet noises, that way i could get around the apartment’s noise ordinance. It worked. and thus Brother Saturn was born.

Since then I’ve done music for short films, student films, and even music for a Solomon Ski Company documentary about climate change, and how it affects skiers worldwide.

Sounds a lot like Brian Eno’s experience when he started his ambient experiments. An it sounds a lot like Eno. Mainly ambient, but with wanderings into the avant-garde and noise genres. But overall relaxing music.

There are a lot of albums on bandcamp and the Internet Archives music section.



Second in the musical/audiobook SciFi series by Herbernal.

A man who carries out an empty existence in a near-future dystopian city becomes infatuated with a synthetic female and soon learns that she is on the run from the law.

Again, it’s a very short story. This time the ending is less obvious, is she or he the replacement ??


Hibernal Machine

The Machine (2013)

Hibernal is the sci-fi post rock project of Mark Healy from Brisbane, Australia.

The first of four, this is a science fiction story with a rock soundtrack. In fact most of the time is probably spent with the music. The story is of a man who is gradually transformed, as he rises up the corporate ladder into something else. Human, machine or some strange hybrid.

The story is probably only a few thousand words long and covers themes done before in Science Fiction. Mostly notably ‘Man Plus’ (1976) by Frederick Pohl.

Still, an interesting listen for its hour duration.



This artist has an interesting mix of Ambient and Vaporwave styles.




This is a collective of musicians in that border between Synthwave, Funk, Jazz Fusion, electronic and just weird stuff. All very up-beat and energetic.

There are four compilations available in Bandcamp..


Rumours of FM

It had to happen… A covers band as good as the original.

 Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Currently on tour in the USA is this band. The two female leads match Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks almost note for note. The band is very tight and reproduces the 1975-1987 era of the band probably better that they sounded at the time.



Mike Carss is Altus, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is an ambient musician.

(from his website)
The project began in 2001 and has continued to blossom to this day. The majority of releases revolve around the ambient and new age genres, but has also delved into neo-classical, dark ambient, and electronica. In 2018, a decision was made for any future ambient-style works to be released through a new project, Loneward. From that point onward, music released under the Altus moniker will used to explore new ideas outside the ambient/new age genre.