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Hyundai 45

2019 Hyundai 45

(Final Sliding Door)

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled 45, an electric vehicle concept, at the 2019 International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Very nice, sleek and minimalist.

And a nice simple interior.


2005 Cadillac Villa (Bertone)

(Sliding Doors up & Out)

This is just cool. Very Modern, possibly not that practical and designed by Italians !

The only thing mentioned about the engine is ‘Fuel Cell’ – ambitious !






Ё-концепт (2011): Ё-моё!

(Interior Sliding Doors)

Crazy !

The European debut of the first Russian hybrid car from the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

A gasoline engine produces energy for electric motors, accumulated by super-capacitors. The design of the ё-concept was developed by the staff designer of the company Andrey Trofimchuk.

VW Taxi

2010 Volkswagen Berlin Taxi

(Sliding Doors to move people)

It’s suitably short for a city vehicle, but hardly any space for luggage.



2009 Honda Skydeck

(Sliding and flying doors)

What were the Japanese designers on when they came up with this?. Those rear doors are going to intersect with a lot of road furniture. And the front doors will never open in a garage. Just nuts.



2005 Mazda Senku

(Sculpted Sliding Doors)


This is a four-seat sports car with a rotary engine hybrid power-train.

It’s 4.64m long, 1.85m across, and 1.4m in height and sits on a 3.1m wheelbase.

The rotary hybrid system uses a new direct-injection, two-rotor engine, combined with a motor, a generator, and a battery. The battery’s location between the engine and the firewall, combined with the compact rotary engine’s front-midship layout, helps create 50/50 weight distribution and a low center of gravity. This hybrid system also features an idling-stop system to boost economy and emissions.

The Senku has a seven-speed transmission and dry twin-plate clutch. The suspension consists of double wishbones at the front and a multilink rear setup.