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Hell Ship

Hell Ship
(Dane Maddock Origins #2)
by David Wood & Sean Ellis (2014)

When Navy SEAL Dane Maddock and his squad are sent to find the wreckage of a sunken World War II Japanese “Hell Ship,” they find themselves caught up in a deadly race to solve an eight hundred year old mystery.

Can Dane and Bones outrun, outfight, and outwit a cadre of deadly adversaries (or course they can) and find the key to unlock the deadly secret of the Knights Templar (what – again ?)

This time it’s more of the Indiana Jones hero-ing and daring escapes. There does seem to a bit of loss of direction around the three quarter mark. But then they come back for a mountain top showdown. It does feel like a Bond film.



(Dane Maddock Origins #1)
by David Wood & Sean Sweeney (2013)

What dark secret did the Founding Fathers of America hide, and who will stop at nothing to uncover it?

Navy SEALs in-training, Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebrake can’t be in the same room without trying to kill each other, but soon find themselves caught up in a race with a secret society to solve a mystery that dates back to the founding of America.

Find out how it all began in the action-packed first Dane and Bones Origins novella… Freedom!


(Dane Maddock #1)
by David Wood (2008)

A sunken treasure. An ancient Biblical artifact. A mystery as old as humankind. The Portuguese brig Dourado sank off the coast of Indonesia, losing its cargo of priceless treasures from the Holy Land.

Back to the start of the series. This comes off a bit like a Nancy Drew adventure. Still a good read, but a lot of the subject matter was very specific to the USA and it’s war of independence.


Dead Ice

Dead Ice
(Dane Maddock Origins #4)
by David Wood & Steven Savile (2014)

Navy SEAL Dane Maddock leads a team of operatives in a race against Russian Spetznaz agents to find a lost nuclear submarine and recover a threat known only as Romanov’s Bane, but the frozen wasteland of Wrangel Island is home to more than enemy soldiers. Soon, Dane and Bones find themselves face-to-face with dangers thought long extinct.

This is the first of the David Books I have read as it was purchased as part of a story bundle. It’s a fairly standard military thriller. A group of solders embark on a mission to retrieve an egg. On the way they overcome the environment and an opposing force.

It’s fast moving and doesn’t waste time with unnecessary character backstory. At novella length the story isn’t complicated.

Of course, it turns out that they are destined to save the world from an unknown horror.

Will they make it ?

Well, this is a series of 10 books.


Chase Baker 8

Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell
(Chase Baker #8)
by Benjamin Sobieck (2016)

Fact: In the 1920s, a Soviet scientist attempted to mate humans and chimpanzees to create “humanzees.”

Fact: Forty years later, an apparent human-ape hybrid surfaced in the United States in the sideshow circuit, dubbed the “Minnesota Iceman.”

How are these two far-fetched and seemingly unrelated events connected? Adventurer and Renaissance man Chase Baker is hot on the trail…

This one veers into the horror and monsters genres. It feels a but like a Jeremy Robinson story. Still, the action is unrelenting and amid the quips, knocks to the head and bullets flying, Chase manages to survive to live another day.


Chase Baker 7

Chase Baker & the Apocalypse Bomb
(Chase Baker #7)
by Benjamin Sobieck (2016)

Humans think they’re the most advanced beings on Earth, but adventurer and Renaissance man Chase Baker just stumbled onto something that will blow the lid off that fantasy for good. As Chase discovers, an even more advanced species lives side-by-side with humanity, quietly ruling the world with incredible technology.

This is the second by Benjamin Sobieck in the Zandri series. And the brief for the sroty seems to have changed. Instead of intense gong-ho action the genre seems to change to humorous, satirical science fiction with an Alien.

An alien named Dave. And he really is an asshole,  Indiscriminately killing people, either adversaries of just members of the public standing watching. Things do get a bit silly. The number of times Chase gets knocked out only to come to and advance the plot is  unknown, but a lot.

So overall, completely nuts, but in a good way.


Chase Baker 6

Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity
(Chase Baker #6)
by Vincent Zandri (2016)

When a young woman by the name of Andrea Gallo claims to be a fan of his pulp novels, Chase can’t resist reciprocating in the lusty attraction. But that night, he is kidnapped by two thugs who work for Great Britain’s infamous MI-16 and Gallo.

When they tell him they desperately need his help to uncover a legendary cave in the Northern Italian forest before a team of Russian and Iranian hardliners do, he feels compelled to help out. It’s said to be the cave that Leonardo da Vinci discovered as a young man back in the mid-fifteenth century and where he learned the secrets behind his many inventions.

This story is closer to Dan Brown that any of the previous ones.

It’s the usual caper of spy vs spy and the race to find a secret that could change the world. Then, at the end it delves into a dream-like Sci-Fi fantasy. Very strange and different.

Chase Baker 5

Chase Baker and the Vikings’ Secret
(Chase Baker #5)
by Benjamin Sobieck
Vincent Zandri (Editor) (2015)

Did Chinese explorers arrive in the Americas before Christopher Columbus? Chase Baker is hot on the trail of this hidden piece of history in the woods of Minnesota, home of the famous Kensington Runestone. The alleged proof is scrawled on a runestone written by Vikings centuries ago. The only problem is it’s guarded by a mythical creature called the Wendigo at the bottom of a treacherous place called The Pit.

This is the first by Sobiech (and not the last) in Zandri’s series. It’s the same first person, breathless style of continuous action.

This time it’s Chase on his own and against all enemies, even governments. Still he has to make it alive to the end for the next episode. And still a good as the previous stories.


Chase Baker 4

Chase Baker and the Lincoln Curse
(Chase Baker #4)
by Vincent Zandri (2015)

Chase Baker visits home when his late dad’s resting place is about to be interred to make way for a new road. What he doesn’t expect is a job offer by the local Albany Police Department to look into a missing elderly couple. The case involves President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination back in 1865.

This is almost a one room mystery, with occult overtones. Chase, this time without the sexy female sidekick, gets to delve into American history and take on old myths and legends.


Clara Harris
Clara Harris


Henry Rathborne

Chase Baker 3

Chase Baker and the God Boy
(Chase Baker #3)
by Vincent Zandri (2015)

Now Renaissance Man Chase Baker is back in action with a new adventure that takes him to mysterious India and the jungles of Nepal where he goes on the hunt for a missing God Boy born with three sets of arms and who is said to possess the ability to perform miracles. Problem is, the hunt not only involves searching for his lost love, the beautiful anthropologist, Elizabeth Flynn, it also means facing down an army of newly resurrected Thuggee Cult fanatics, their radical terrorist leader, Kashmiri, and inevitably, the evil God Kali herself.