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Jet #1

(Jet #1)

by Russell Blake (2012)

Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad’s most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever.

But the past doesn’t give up on its secrets easily.

It’s a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond and previous reads:
Zoe Sharp’s Charlie Fox
K. W. Jeter’s Kim Oh

It’s sexy ex-military kick-ass girl takes on all the baddies of the world. Very similar to Charlie Fox in style, pacing and themes.

Russell Blake is a great writer, the action scenes are clear and exciting. The story is fast moving and keeping the reader guessing. Will be reading them all !!

There are currently 13 books in the series.






Supervillainous!: Confessions of a Costumed Evil-doer
by Mike Leon (2011)

Super-villain. The very word immediately conjures up images of cackling madmen waving death rays as they rant and rave about their maniacal plot for world domination.

But there is more to professional evil – so many questions left unanswered by movies and comic books.
What kind of salary do henchmen get?
Where do all these super gadgets come from?
How come good guys never use the door?

One man has the answers.

Mike Leon puts himself as a journalist in his own story. The journalist seeks to interview villains in a super-hero world. They give interviews, explain their past and participate in random acts of violence.

At first it is very episodic and no with plot to follow. This is rectified in the second half where a big fight emerges between the ‘evil’ and ‘good’ superheroes. Not really funny, more witty and satirical. A short but entertaining read.


Earth Moving

The Day The Earth Moved A Bit
(Space Police #6)
by David Blake (2018)

A massive planet-sized blob reaches Earth’s outer atmosphere and demands to speak to a dolphin, threatening to end life as we know it if it can’t. But there’s only one left in the whole of the universe, and it’s not on Earth where it’s supposed to be.

The final in the series (so far) is a mixture of ‘The Blob‘ and Star Trek ‘The Voyage Home’.

There may be an animal that can save earth from extinction. But it’s Capstan & Dewbush that have the sole responsibility of saving earth. Can they do it ?

Cocaine Claire

The Herbaceous Affair of Cocaine Claire
(Inspector Capstan #4)
by David Blake (2016)
The fourth case for Inspector Capstan where he comes up against the former Chief Inspector of the Solent Police, Morose, who’s just started a forty-two year back-to-back life sentence for multiple murder. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the Brexit Referendum, the British Prime Minister’s looking for ways to increase his ever-declining popularity and turns to his niece, Claire Bridlestock, for help.

The final case breaks the mold of the first three stories. This time the young lady is smarter and has power, being associated with the Prime Minister.  More funny stuff.


Genocide Jill

The Thrills & Spills of Genocide Jill
(Capstan’s Case Files #3)
By David Blake

The third case for Inspector Capstan in which he meets graduate Miss Jill Meadowbank, who seems to have a natural aptitude for both business and murder, and having discovered that the two complement each other remarkably well, sets her sights on European monopolization of the industrial marketplace with the aid of a World War Two Lancaster bomber and a couple of Spitfires.

More of the same formula. This time it’s an aeronautical theme, with the British invading Germany. More funny and ridiculous stuff as   the detectives bumble their way through another investigation.




The Divide
by Jeremy Robinson (2018)
No one remembers how the Divide was created. The miles-deep and miles-wide chasm has existed for hundreds of years, protecting what remains of humanity from the Golyat: a creature whose shadow moves across the horizon at sunset.

Davina, daughter of Jesse, is a shepherd. She spends her days guiding herds of deer through the forests of New Inglan, protecting them from predators, herding them away from the Divide, and ensuring the tribe of Essex has meat when needed. While many shepherds die in their first year–from the elements, from injury, or in the jaws of a wolf–Davina is resilient.

Having just slain a mountain lion, Davina returns to her village to discover a hunting party has been sent out in search of the Modernists, a group fascinated with the past, the technology that once filled the world, and what lies beyond the Divide. To keep the Modernists from reaching the Divide’s far side, and revealing humanity’s presence to the Golyat, the hunters will torture and kill them all.

Cut-Throat Cate

The Curious Case of Cut-Throat Cate
(Inspector Capstan #2)
by David Blake (2017)

The second case for Inspector Capstan where he has to contend with a certain Mrs Cate Jakebury, a young university lecturer who’s also a published author. But things don’t go well when she decides to murder her husband, become a pirate, steal a famous 18th Century ship and then attack France, just to research her next novel.

Reading the second book in the series, a pattern is emerging…

A young female protagonist does something strange or daft, and in a very violent way. The Detectives peruse her for the remainder of the story.

The second book is just as good as the first. This time there is a murder in the first chapter and the body count keeps rising until the end. Again, it’s a very British humour that only works due the the stupidity of most of the characters.

All in the worst possible taste (recommended).



New Viking

Viking Tomorrow
by Jeremy Robinson & Kane Gilmour (2017)


The world is barely holding on. A century after a series of apocalyptic events, humanity is struggling to survive. In the frigid north of Scandinavia, people have returned to farming, fishing, and fighting amongst themselves, living as their ancient Viking ancestors once did. But their days in the world are numbered.

This is mainly one big road trip/adventure. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Viking culture has arisen again (why it is not clear). It is also populated by gangs of baddies and a few monsters.

The objective  for the main protagonist is to take a trip, get the McGuffin and return. So while it is entertaining while reading, there isn’t much science fiction or lasting themes to the story.

Worth a read for the Robinson fans.

Demon Spirit

The Demon Spirit
(The DemonWars Saga #2)
by R.A. Salvatore (1999)

Second Audiobook in the trilogy.

Elbryan and Pony hope that the tide of darkness is at last receding from the land of Corona. Yet if evil is on the retreat, why are hordes of goblins and bloody-capped powries slashing their way ever-deeper into civilized lands ?

While the first book had a very conventional structure of hero growing up  and defeating evil, the second is more political and strategic in nature. Elements in the church splinter and power dynamics change. Pony develops and her relationship with Elbryan changes. All this makes the story less predictable and interesting.

Now it is not clear how the story will end.


Sierra Bravo

Sierra Bravo
(Harriet Walsh #3)
by Simon Haynes (2018)

A criminal gang has moved into Chirless, Dismolle’s second major city. Elderly residents are fed up with the loud music, noisy cars and late night parties, not to mention hold-ups, muggings and the occasional gunfight.

Chirless has no Peace Force, so Harriet Walsh of the Dismolle City branch has to help out. That puts her up against a gang of hardened criminals with only her training pistol and a few old allies to lend a hand.

And these allies aren’t just old, they’re positively ancient!

The humour of the first two books has gone from this one. This is s straight forward Sci-Fi adventure, getting close to Military Sci-Fi. The story is OK, but not outstanding and there is more action sequences in this novel than any of the previous Simon Haynes novels.